My Bjd Wishlist

Brunettes, silvers, human and elves… Yeah I have a soft spot with those characteristics….

It’s been almost 5 years since I got my first doll, Levin. Time really flies so fast and also my money >_>, right now I own almost a dozen dolls. I adore each of dolls I own. Dressing, fixing their hair and bringing them to doll meets makes my life happy and colorful. So what’s  next to my BJD hobby? Yep! There still more! I guess no one could get enoughwith these resin beauties. Every month and every company releases new dolls and you can’t stop drooling at their product/promo photos. =3=

Here what is left to my LONG wishlist! The last 8 Dolls that will make my characters come to the physical world. The first 4 are attainable for me. I plan to get them maybe sometime next year? The next 2 girls, I’m still undecided, coz they are the alter versions of my 2 current resinized characters, Amihan and Isha. The last two is next to impossible… >_> But I hope that I could really get them…

If ever I got them all that’s the time I can say I can stop collecting. ^_^ So, good luck for me…


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