Dollie Slum Parteh!!

Two of my friends/Manikamanila members visited my house last weekend… They’ve travelled 2 hours from Manila to Bulacan to have their doll fixed and of course to sleepover 8D

Amihan is very glad that Naya came. Being surrounded with so many boys, Amihan had a blissfull Girl-bonding moments!!! 8D

Thanks Arvie and Marie for visiting! Till next time XD


first actual doll tattoo for Aahil

Just finished my first actual doll tattoo… My first victim is Aahil, owned by my friend Arvie…

His tattoo is from one of Brandon Boyd’s arm tattoo… we just love him that we decided to put one in our dolls as a fan tribute for the Incubus lead singer ^_^v

The Silent Game


Dolls: Levin And Azriel

Aahil owned by my friend Arvie ^_^